Our Story

In January of 2011, we prepared our shop in Angelica, Wisconsin, for what we deemed the inception and very first location of Wieber Machine.

The photo below shows me, Dennis Wieber, proudly standing next to the Doosan DNM 500, ready for my next step.

Outgrowing that facility in 2012, we opened up our second location in Green Bay, Wisconsin. A 2400 square foot building, compared to 400 square feet at our first location, we were well on our way. By December 3, 2012, we were ready for production. In May of 2015, 2.5 years and 5 full-time employees later, were at capacity again, looking for a new and bigger location.

Our current facility of 12,000 square feet houses 9 CNC’s and a Waterjet (See our equipment section).  In this facility, we operate 2 shifts with a crew approaching 20, and we run 24 hours a day. Most recently, we’ve implemented a clean-air mechanical room that helps control the environment, temperature, humidity, pressure and reduces particles for our compressed air system which is vital for the operation of our machine tools. The end result: less downtime, more production.

  • Dennis Wieber with Doosan DNM 500
  • Dennis Wieber

The first photo is of Dennis Wieber standing proudly in the Wieber Machine facility at his first location in Angelica, Wisconsin. The second photo is the most recent photo of Dennis in February 2018 in his latest facility in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

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Our Facility

Wieber Machine Building

Our current location, 12000 square foot manufacturing plant.

A birds-eye view of our clean-air room

A birdseye view of our clean air room.

State of the art technology and equipment.


Our Team

The Wieber Machine Team

This is the Wieber Team, founded and led by Dennis Wieber, employs eight staff, and runs two production shifts. Wieber has a Bachelor Degree in Business, from St. Norbert’s College, and two Technical degrees from Northeast Wisconsin Technical College; Machine Tool Operator, and CNC Technician.

Employees at Wieber Machine are hand-picked. The experienced and professional staff at Wieber Machine, are what puts Wieber Machine at the top. Leading the industry in technology and experience.

Join the Wieber Team

Interested in joining our team? We only take the best. If you believe you have the credentials and provide skills necessary to help our team continue to grow, download our application, or send your resume and credentials to dennis@wiebermachine.com.

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